U.S. Army Research Lab #ARL25: Innovation for the Warfighter

Army Research Lab Science: Innovation for the Warfighter, Benefits to All the World #ARL25

Army Research Lab Science: Innovation for the Warfighter, Benefits to All the World #ARL25

PMIC and U.S. Army Research Laboratory Blow the Lid off "The Best Kept Secret in the DoD"

*"It's easy to talk about innovation," said Pentagon RCO Major General Walter E. Piatt, "but it's much harder to actually do it and make it relevant for soldiers. After meeting the brilliant people working in Army labs and seeing what they produce, I know their work saves lives."

April 2017: In the April issue of @AUSA ARMY Magazine, PMIC CEO Kathleen Delano and DoD PA Specialist Jenna Brady collaborated on three-page "expose" of the brilliance that thrives across the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the United States Department of the Army's sole corporate laboratory. PMIC is proud to support ARL as it marks 25 Years of Excellence in Science & Technology, an anniversary that coincides with the Centennial anniversary of the U.S. Army's entry into the Great War. Descended from eight great legacy labs that were combined in 1992 into a innovation incubator, ARL's diverse scientists, technologists and engineers create a collaborative petri dish of geniuses in STEM. ARL's work forms the foundational research that saves lives, changes the world and ensures future force protection through decisive land force overmatch for soldiers of tomorrow. ARL has been cited by the Defense Science Board as "Innovation Exemplar" for its collaborative Open Campus Program, (DSB -2017), among many accolades garnered by the "Crown Jewel of DoD Labs." To learn how you can become an #ARLAlly, check out #ARL25 click [here]1.

  • Click here to read the ARMY Magazine article, "Research Lab Laser Focused on the Future," and find out how #ScienceSavesLives #ARL25 FROM ARMY MAGAZINE, April 2017, Copyright 2017 by the Association of the U.S. Army. Limited reprint permission granted by AUSA. Join AUSA [Here 3]

PMIC Impact Study and Report Projects “Mission-Critical” Risks to United States Economy, Health, and National Security if Restrictive Travel Policy Stays

As the spectacle of our election season unfolds, there’s one thing everyone agrees on: Americans usually call it “common sense values.” We believe in government of, for and by the people. We agree we are smart, we are independent, we are inventors, we are rebels and we are winners. We are a nation of inventors, discoverers and leaders. It’s natural that the United States’ Standards are accommodated by the rest of the world. We don’t use the metric system. We don’t use the Celsius thermometer. We don’t follow, period. We lead.

Americans expect our scientists and technologist to be the best. United States citizens can thank Government Science and Technology (S&T) for vaccine development and the eradication of polio; inventions like the Internet, GPS, and lasers; cures for infectious disease, life-saving drugs, and prosthetic limbs. S&T created devices that let the blind see and the deaf hear, and conduct research that undergirds Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and myriad other American inventions that create jobs, fuel our economy and make the United States the most coveted homeland on earth.

Now, right this minute, America’s leadership, health, economy, safety and national security are in grave danger. We are at risk in part because of a regulatory issue that flies in the face of common sense, is penny-wise and pound foolish, and most alarming, imperils the United States economy, safety and national defense.

PMIC Welcomes Ambassador Cindy Courville as Executive Consultant, PMIC Global

June 1, 2015 - Tysons Corner, VA

Ambassador Cindy Courville, Ph.D., world renowned expert in multinational affairs, today joined forces with PMIC Inc. as Executive Consultant, PMIC Global. PMIC is a global professional services firm headquartered inside the beltway in Tyson's Corner, VA.

Ambassador Courville brings to PMIC a sterling record of geo-strategic expertise honed in some of the most complex political and diplomatic environments in modern times. As the first Ambassador to the African Union and while serving on the National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs, Dr. Courville worked to end a decades long conflict in Sudan, dramatically increase the world’s commitment to controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, peacefully transition Sierra Leone from the tyrannical reign of war-criminal Charles Taylor, and eliminate obstacles to trade with dozens of African countries and develop African economic policy for the United States.


Croatia Embassy Event

Leaders Gather at Republic of Croatia Embassy to Celebrate PMIC Launch

March 19, 2015, Embassy Row

On Thursday, March 19, 2015, 70 leaders from the government, military, law and business circles gathered at the Embassy of Croatia in Washington, D.C. to honor Croatia’s history, culture, natural beauty and the country’s election of its first female president.

The evening began with a VIP cocktail reception that celebrated the global launch of PMIC Incorporated, proceeded with Ambassador Josip Paro’s remarks, followed by a Croatian music performance and a video presentation about Croatia, and ended with a dinner buffet that featured some of traditional Croatian delicacies.

PMIC is grateful to our friends and guests who attended the event as well as to the Croatian Ambassador and Embassy staff for their warm welcome and gracious hospitality.