U.S. Army Research Lab #ARL25: Innovation for the Warfighter

Army Research Lab Science: Innovation for the Warfighter, Benefits to All the World #ARL25

Army Research Lab Science: Innovation for the Warfighter, Benefits to All the World #ARL25

PMIC and U.S. Army Research Laboratory Blow the Lid off "The Best Kept Secret in the DoD"

*"It's easy to talk about innovation," said Pentagon RCO Major General Walter E. Piatt, "but it's much harder to actually do it and make it relevant for soldiers. After meeting the brilliant people working in Army labs and seeing what they produce, I know their work saves lives."

April 2017: In the April issue of @AUSA ARMY Magazine, PMIC CEO Kathleen Delano and DoD PA Specialist Jenna Brady collaborated on three-page "expose" of the brilliance that thrives across the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the United States Department of the Army's sole corporate laboratory. PMIC is proud to support ARL as it marks 25 Years of Excellence in Science & Technology, an anniversary that coincides with the Centennial anniversary of the U.S. Army's entry into the Great War. Descended from eight great legacy labs that were combined in 1992 into a innovation incubator, ARL's diverse scientists, technologists and engineers create a collaborative petri dish of geniuses in STEM. ARL's work forms the foundational research that saves lives, changes the world and ensures future force protection through decisive land force overmatch for soldiers of tomorrow. ARL has been cited by the Defense Science Board as "Innovation Exemplar" for its collaborative Open Campus Program, (DSB -2017), among many accolades garnered by the "Crown Jewel of DoD Labs." To learn how you can become an #ARLAlly, check out #ARL25 click [here]1.

  • Click here to read the ARMY Magazine article, "Research Lab Laser Focused on the Future," and find out how #ScienceSavesLives #ARL25 FROM ARMY MAGAZINE, April 2017, Copyright 2017 by the Association of the U.S. Army. Limited reprint permission granted by AUSA. Join AUSA [Here 3]