After nearly 20 years of providing revenue-generating, creative and strategic advice to C-level executives at Fortune 500 corporations, multi-billion dollar private companies, Am Law 100 Legal and Big 4 Public Accounting firms – all while moonlighting from her primary job as “Sam’s Mom” – Kathleen Delano found the tables turned in late 2014.

Sitting opposite Anne Giotta, Kathleen listened closely as her most valued confidant gave a succinct and pointed analysis of Kathleen’s professional growth. That conversation was the beginning. Sam would begin college in 2015; for Kathleen, a new opportunity emerged.

And so it came to be that Kathleen graciously accepted her mother’s advice and began building the foundation for her company, PMIC Incorporated. Of course, the first person chosen for PMIC's Advisory Panel was PMIC’s founder-in-fact, Anne Bridget Philomena McBrearty Giotta, Kathleen Delano’s primary muse and inspiration. Thanks to Anne, both Kathleen and PMIC were born. Thanks to the world-class minds and experience of the teammates with whom Kathleen has been honored to work and serve, PMIC will grow with integrity into a global industry leader.